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New Home Inspections

All new homes have apparent and unapparent defects, regardlessof the quality of construction or the integrity of the buildersand sub-contractors involved. Even if the contractor you choosefor building your house is known for quality work, the followingfact should motivate new home buyers to have a home inspectionclause written into their contract to purchase.

The majority of builders usually subcontracted work out to thelowest bidder (foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, etc.)with more emphasis on speed and less emphasis on quality being animportant consideration for the builder. With many separateactivities going on at the same time, it's nearly impossiblefor the builder / contractor to personally monitor all phases ofthe home construction.

Is a Newly Constructed Home Safe?

Some home buyers assume that the builder and contractors areoverseen by state and local government or by city buildinginspectors. This is true to some degree, however, few if anymunicipal building inspectors spend enough time to fully checkyour home out as much as a new home inspection would. Further,there could be problems with the home that are not necessarilycode violations, yet have serious consequences for the new homeowner. Ask any private home inspector about the deficiencies andsafety issues discovered in newly constructed homes.

Builders Warranty

Some home buyers choose not to have a new home inspection doso because of the builder's warranty. It is the most commonreason why buyers of new homes forego home inspections. In manycases, this has proved to be a costly error. Buyers assume thatall significant defects will become apparent during the warrantyperiod. This, as we shall see, is a faulty assumption. It isalmost impossible for a builder to build something as complex asa house without committing any errors at various stages of thebuilding process. Never assume that all such errors will bereadily apparent. This is a recipe for financial loss. Problemsmay reside in the attic, in the basement or crawl space, in theelectric service panel, or high atop the roof. They may involvesafety violations with a chimney installation or the grounding ofelectrical outlets. There might be a defect in the roof framing,the gas connection to the heater, or the site drainage on theproperty. A home inspector who is able to discover suchconditions will enable you to take full advantage of yourbuilders' warranty.

Take Advantage of a New Home Inspection

If the buyer of a newly constructed home takes advantage ofthe inspection clause, the first line of defense is the exteriorwall and roof frame inspection followed by the open wall orpre-drywall / pre-insulation inspection which would be followedby the final walk through inspection. Be aware that some buildershave prevented private home inspectors from inspecting newlybuilt houses. If you are in the process of buying a new home andthe builder does not allow you to bring a private home inspectoron site, this poses a couple of questions; "Why won'tthe builder allow the home inspector on site?" What does thebuilder have to hide? At this point you should be thinking hardabout proceeding with the purchase and you should also beconsulting with your attorney.

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