Oklahoma Home Inspector Regulations
Oklahoma Home Inspector Requirements




Oklahoma Home Inspector Regulations

Oklahoma Licensure (Section858-622 of Title 59) enacted in 2001.

The"Oklahoma Home Inspection Licensing Act" provides forthe licensing of home inspectors through the State Board ofHealth, and a newly created Committee of Home Inspector Examiners(Committee). The Committee is charged with advising the Board ofHealth in establishing rules relating to:

1) Qualifications andexaminations for licensure (the committee has adopted theNational Home Inspector Examination as the test for minimumcompetence)
2) Renewal requirements.
3) Reinstatement oflicenses.
4) Continuing education.
5) Standards of practice andprohibitions.
6) Approval of schools and educational coursecontent for home inspection.
7) Standards for schools to remainapproved to provide courses of instruction.
8) Reciprocityagreements.
9) Investigative procedures.

These Rules havebeen established in Title310, Chapter 276.

In order to take an examination forlicensure, an applicant must be at least 18 years of age, andsuccessfully complete eighty (80) hours of home inspectiontraining, or its equivalent, as determined by the Committee.Renewal of licenses will be granted provided home inspectorsattend five hours of continuing education within the preceding 12months. A grandfather clause is included as well, with a sunsetdate of January 1, 2002. Under the law, licensed home inspectorswill be required to carry no less than $50,000 of generalliability insurance.

For more information:
Departmentof Health, Occupational Licensing
1000 N.E. Tenth
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Phone: (405)271-5243
FAX: (405)271-3458

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