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This page is provided as an informational resource only. TheAmerican Home Inspector Directory does not endorse orspecifically recommend any companies listed on this page.

Home Inspector Pro

Home InspectorPro has developed the ultimate inspection softwarefor Mac & Windows to allow you to quickly and efficientlyperform home inspections. With this software in hand you will beable to easily compete with larger inspection corporations. HomeInspector Pro was designed by home inspectors who were tired ofother programs not living up to their expectations.

Home Inspector Pro

  • A few of the features:
  • Easily create a template for every type of inspectionyouperform. For example load one template for a commercialinspection then switch to your residential home inspectiontemplate for your next job.
  • Designed for a tablet pc to almost eliminate the need foryour keyboard during an inspection yet works great on anormallaptop.
  • Ability to upload inspection reports for real estateagents,home buyer/seller, and you to view for up to 3 years.
  • Allows you to upload reports and email a link to the reportin one easy step, or print the report out on site.
  • Reports are easy to for the home buyer/seller to read andHome Inspector Pro and automatically generates a summary pageandtable of contents.
  • Add unlimited photographs and documents any where in yourreport.
  • Reorder pages, control page breaks and create coloredborders.
  • Used in over 10 countries and in 4 languages.
  • Runs on Windows 98 through WindowsVista!
  • Easy to use home inspection software that runs onWindowsor Mac!

INSPECTEXPRESS Home Inspection Software

The INSPECTEXPRESS HomeInspection Software, Home inspection software foronsite or online reporting. Easily add photos and customize.Perfect for the Tablet PC, Laptop or Desktop. Web Hosting and PDFconverter included.

INSPECTEXPRESS Home Inspection Software
  • Full Microsoft Office Integration
    INSPECTEXPRESS™ software runs right inside MicrosoftWord!
    Create and format your reports using the best word processor onthe market. Manage your clients and schedule inspections using MSOutlook.
  • DOC to PDF Converter
    Convert your reports to PDF complete with photos, linked TOC,bookmarks, footnotes and cross-references (*included withINSPECTEXPRESS™).
  • Affordable PDF Report Hosting
    Let clients easily download and upload reports from your website.Includes 20MB of storage and an easily customizable web page(*included with INSPECTEXPRESS™).
  • American - Canadian House Inspector Locator
  • Comprehensive directory for house buyers and realtors. Emailaddresses hidden from robots and email lists!(*free to allinspectors - sign up today!)

At DevWave Software Inc. we believe in supporting theprofessional house inspector by offering additional products andservices with our INSPECTEXPRESS™ home inspection softwarereporting package.

Home Reporter Systems

The Home ReporterSystems, an international company offering reportforms,tools and equipment, brochures, training, videos, and booksfor professional home inspectors. They support existinginspectors in addition to helping new inspectors get started inthe home inspection industry.

They provide all the services and materials needed to openyour own home inspection business. The Start-up Package isaffordable and popular among those interested in inspectinghouses, those considering an alternative reporting system or justneeding some innovative ideas for marketing or operating aninspection company.

The Home Reporter Systems

The HRS inspection system features a checklist and The HomeReporter homeowner's manual expanding in detail each itemonthe checklist. Some inspectors use the checklist or just givetheir customers the The Home Reporter Book while others use thebook and checklist in combination. We have amounts to fiteveryone's needs from each to large quantities. Moreimportantly, you can be confident you are using a system that hasbeen tested, revised, and improved for 15 years through thecollaborative effort of many professional inspectors across theUnited States and Canada. See our Promotional Sample Set whichconsists of one checklist and the reference book, The HomeReporter, an economical way to evaluate the system.

InspectFaster Home Inspection Software

The InspectFasterHome Inspection Software Designed for both Mac andWindows, InspectFaster is highly affordable home inspectionsoftware that is very easy to use and produces professional, easyto read narrative style home inspection reports that can beprinted onsite or emailed later as .pdf files. With time savingfeatures such as drop-down text boxes, thousands ofindustry-standard narratives, and the ability to add an unlimitednumber of images and supplemental documents, InspectFaster isready to go to work when you are.

InspectFaster Home Inspection Software

Other Provider's

First Choice Home Inspection softwareEasy touse software for home Inspectors, just $249.95!

PI Reports Home Inspection Software
The most comprehensive inspection report system for themoney.Over 2,000 comments already installed and over 5,000comments available makes PI Reports a better choice forinspection software under $50.

If your Home Inspection Company is looking for Computers, PDA'S, Software of Home Inspection Report's, we strongly urge you to proceed in this area with caution. Review and understand all contract clauses, fees and provisions of the Inspection Program before your purchase it.

This listing does not in any way represent AHID'sendorsement or recommendation of these companies. This information is provided solely as a courtesy to home inspectorsfor finding Software PDA'S etc.. Prior to making anydecision on Software PDA'S or Home Inspection Reports, we encourage you to thoroughly research all options.

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