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User Agreement

General: The "American Home InspectorDirectory"website ( (the"Directory") is the property of [Plank Enterprises,LLC, a Virginia limited liability company] (the"Company").  The Directory is provided to you, theuser ("You" or the "User") conditioned uponyour acceptance of the terms set forth in this User Agreementbetween You and the Company (the "Agreement").  Byaccessing or using this Agreement, You expressly agree to allterms and conditions set forth herein.  Your continued orfurther use of this site and/or the Directory will representacceptance of any amendments to the Agreement.  The Companyreserves the right to amend this Agreement in whole or in partfrom time to time in its sole discretion and to terminate Youruse of the site at any time for any reason without notice.

Directory:  The goal for the Directory is to providelinks and referrals to other Internet websites maintained bythird parties.  The Company does not maintain, operate orotherwise control any information or material displayed on suchthird party Internet websites.  Links and pointers to thirdparty websites are included solely for the convenience of theUsers and do not constitute any recommendation or endorsement bythe Company or the Directory.  You, as the User, assume soleresponsibility for the use of all third party websites and theinformation contained therein.  The Directory does organizeand present information from third parties in structured listingsbased solely upon fees paid by such third parties and not inreliance upon any direct knowledge of the reputation or skill ofsuch third parties.

Duties:  The Company and the Directory make norepresentation or warranty with respect to the quality ofinspectors or any other referrals provided in theDirectory.  You must exercise Your independent judgment anddiscretion to select inspectors to perform inspections or otherrelated services.  You must contact all inspectors directlyto make arrangements directly with the inspectors for providinghome inspections or related services.  The Company shallhave no duty or responsibility with any arrangement or contractbetween You and any home inspector.  The Company and theDirectory expressly disclaim any warranty or other responsibilityfor the scope and quality of inspections or other work performedby any inspectors or other third parties identified in theDirectory.  The Company and the Directory also disclaim andoffer no guaranty of the accuracy of information listed in theDirectory.  All inspectors are required to separatelymaintain their own information included by links from ourDirectory.

Information:  All information posted to this website orthe Directory and all information contained in the Directory isand shall become the property of the Company uponposting. You agree to use the Directory only as expresslypermitted by this Agreement, as amended from time to time, andany additional policies or procedures published in this websiteand the Directory from time to time by the Company.  Allinformation You provide or post to this website, together withgeneral information regarding Your use of this website, will onlybe disclosed by the Company as permitted herein.  Youexpressly agree that the Company may share only AggregateInformation,Individual Information and Locator Informationthrough your use of this website.  "AggregateInformation" describes habits,usage, patterns and/ordemographics of users generally as group without revealing Youridentity or the identity of any particular user. "Individual Information" is specific information abouta user presented in a form distinguishable from information fromother users in a form that personally identifies the user for thesole purpose of enabling communication directly with suchuser.  "Locator Information"? simply will consistof the specific data you provide about yourself that enables arecipient to personally identify you.

The Company, its members, managers, officers, employees andagents make no representations or warranties with respect to theinformation set forth in the Directory or as to the quality ofservices provided by any third parties that the User selects fromthe Directory.  The Company, its members, managers,officers,agents and employees, and the Directory, hereby expresslydisclaim all warranties, including all implied warranties andconditions of merchantability and fitness for a particularpurpose with respect to all information and materials included inthe Directory and all links to and from the Directory, and allservices provided to the User from all third parties.  In noevent shall the Company, its members,managers, agents, employees,successors or assigns be liable,directly or indirectly, for anydamages, including any punitive,incidental, special orconsequential damages, arising out of or in any way connectedwith the use of the Directory or any services provided by thirdparties with links to the Directory.

Indemnity:  The User agrees to indemnity and holdharmless the Company, its members, managers, officers,employees,agents, successors and assigns from and against any andall liabilities, claims, damages, costs and expenses (includingattorney or trade fees) arising, directly or indirectly, from theUser use of the Directory and/or this website.

Amendment:  The Company reserves the right to amend thisAgreement at its sole discretion at any time.  You areresponsible for reviewing these terms each time you use thiswebsite or the Directory.  Continued use of this website orthe Directory shall constitute your acceptance of any revisionsto the Agreement.

Entire Agreement:  This Agreement constitutes the entireAgreement between the User and the Company with respect to thiswebsite and the Directory and supersedes all prior orcontemporaneous agreements, communications and proposals, whetheroral or written, between the parties.  The parties agreethat a printed draft of this Agreement and of any notice providedelectronically will be admissible in any proceedings based uponor relating to this Agreement to the same extent and subject tothe same conditions as if this agreement had been originallygenerated and maintained in printed form.

Governing Law/Venue:  This Agreement shall be governed bythe laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, notwithstanding anyconflict of law provisions to the contrary.  The Userconsents to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of state courtsin Hanover County, Virginia and in the federal courts, for theEastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, for all disputesarising out of or relating to the use of the Directory or thisAgreement.

Relationship:  The parties acknowledge and agree that nopartnership, joint venture, employment or agency relationshipexists between them as a result of this Agreement nor is any suchrelationship created by this Agreement.  The User shall notrepresent himself as a representative, agent or employee of theCompany.

Waiver:  You agree that any failure to act or delayinaction by the Company to enforce or failure to enforce itsrights under this Agreement shall in no way waive or beinterpreted as a waiver of any of its rights herein.  Suchwaiver shall be required in writing and signed by a dulyauthorized officer of Plank Enterprises, LLC.

Severability:  If any part to this Agreement determinedto be invalid or unenforceable, such determination shall noteffect the continued validity and enforceable of the remainingprovisions of this Agreement, which shall continue in fulleffect.

Intellectual Property:  All contents of this website andthe Directory are copyright ©; 2003 Plank Enterprises,LLC. All rights not expressly granted herein arereserved.  All information set forth herein is for yourpersonal or business use.  You are expressly prohibited fromany attempt to copy,disassemble, reverse engineer or engage insimilar activities with respect to all proprietary information,intellectual property, products or services obtained from orlearned through this website or the Directory.  All productnames, company names, trade names, service names or relatedconfidential or proprietary information on any third partywebsites is the property of the respective third parties.

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